Laser Hair Removal Effective for every skin color and every type of hair!

What is the Motif Vantage laser hair removal device?

The Motif Vantage combines a fast 810nm diode laser together with Bipolar Radiofrequency energy (RF) in the same pulse. Combining an 810 nm optical diode with RF energy is referred to as ELOS, or electrical optical synergy. The Motif VANTAGE runs off the Elos PLUS platform manufactured by Syneron Candela.

The 810 nm diode heats the shaft, bulge and bulb. The heating destroys some bulbs and also lowers the tissue impedance. The lowered impedance draws RF to the target and the pulsed RF kills the additional hair bulbs.

What is the advantage of the Dual Hybrid energy sources in the Motif Vantage?

The Hybrid laser, combines the energy sources of light and electricity to reduce some of the risks with laser hair removal such as a burn or hypopigmenation. The MOTIF Vantage first releases the 810nm diode will be attracted to the pigment in the hair shaft, just like any other diode. The heat radiates out to the cells in the root sheath and heats them. The heating injures these cells and also lowers tissue impedance.

The Bipolar RF is released just after the 810nm diode and it gets concentrated to the warm spot, with lowered tissue impedance created by the diode. The RF is synergistically attracted to and injury the bulb directly (like”pulsed” Electrolysis).

The Motif Vantage can be used safely in darker skin types to target resistant hair in darker skin types. The Motif Vantage can also be used in special circumstances for finer, lighter hairs.

How does the Motif Vantage work?

The 810 nm diode laser energy is released first and this wavelength is attracted to the melanin in the hair shaft and bulb. The selective heating with the 810 nm diode will kill some hair bulbs on its own (like the LighSheer, Diolaze or Vectus). The laser 810nm diode pre-heats these targets and if it does not destroy the target, warming up the tissue lowers tissue impedance and the RF is the then focused to this spot, as RF always follows the path of least resistance, and the RF oscillates the molecules in the bulb creating additional and more aggressive heating which kills the target selectively.

The safety of the Motif Vantage in darker skin types occurs because less energy can be deployed by 810 nm diode, which is safer on the skin and the impedance is lowered in the shaft, bulb and bulge, which then draws the RF to the target. RF is safe on the skin, as RF will travel down into the dermis, then along the path of least resistance, which is the hair bulb.

The Motif Vantage is very fast, safe and effective. It is often one of the first lasers used on all skin types with dark hair. It can also be used where the traditional Diode 810 nm lasers, like the LightSheer, Vectus and DioLaze or the Alexandrite 755 nm lasers, the Elite or the GentleMAX PRO and 1064 nm NdYAG may have plateaued with their effectiveness.

How effective is the Motif Vantage?

This program delivers 80-90% or more permanent reduction after a series of treatments.

What kind of hair removal results can I expect?

The BAIRE Laser Hair removal program will offer you a customized laser hair removal program combining the best possible wavelengths of light for permanent reduction.