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Come in for a FREE Personalized Treatment Plan with the hair removal specialists at Baire. We offer professional, safe and affordable IPL laser hair removal, waxing, threading and hair removal products in New York City.

Your plan may include Brazilian waxing, IPL laser hair removal for facial hair and threading for your eyebrows. Or, you may be able to do IPL hair removal on your whole body. Sign up now for a free test patch.

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We will assess your skin type and hair type in each area to create your FREE Specialized Treatment Plan... more

Get Permanent Results with IPL laser hair removal. We also offer threading, Brazilian waxing and more...
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We have the best NYC hair removal & laser specialists, with ongoing training & a passion for hair removal... more

Why continue paying for Brazilian waxing every month? Why continue to bleach your unwanted facial hair? Or keep getting razor burn around the bikini line? Stop dealing with unwanted hair every day. Let us develop your specialized hair removal treatment plan. For as little as $35 per month, you can get permanent results in your worst problem area by next summer.

Your treatment plan may include IPL laser hair removal or Brazilian waxing. Or, threading hair removal for your eyebrows and IPL hair removal for facial hair. Find out through a free Baire assessment & test patch today. Just click the BOOK IT button.

BENEFITS of hair removal specialists:
  • One-stop-shop for all your hair removal needs
  • Faster sessions,more streamlined process
  • Increased safety
  • More knowledgeable staff
  • Keep costs down
  • Focus on right treatment for YOU
  • Offer comfortable IPL laser hair removal, waxing & threading
MOST IMPORTANTLY, we believe that a company can be profitable by placing people first. We place our clients’ safety and our team’s integrity before increased sales. Our mission is to free people from the high cost of traditional laser hair removal, the time spent shaving, and the worry of unwanted hair through safe and affordable hair removal treatment in a professional atmosphere.

Our convenient midtown location offers the best waxing in Hell’s Kitchen and the best IPL laser hair removal in New York City. We can help you toss the razor and find the best long-term solution to your facial hair, bikini area, Brazilian, back hair, and other unwanted hair concerns. Baire Hair Removal Specialists provide professional, safe and affordable hair removal services, including IPL laser hair removal, waxing, threading and the best hair removal products.

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