Lashes that speak volumes before you even wake up.

Toss the mascara.  Wake up, no make-up, but feeling public ready.  


Example Member Special Rates:

Natural Look Touch-Up
$40 per visit

Dolled Up Look Touch-Up
$50 per visit

Bombshell Look Touch-Up
$60 per visit

Membership also includes free removals, special pricing for full new look, access to special booking times, booking priority status, 10% off any other service and off products, and other exclusive VIP offers. 


...the best in Manhattan.

“Sashi is the best. She always fills in my lashes every three weeks. Her attention to detail and quality of work is the best in manhattan.”

— J.A.

I'm already getting compliments on my eyelashes!

“They were absolutely wonderful! They made my service such a great experience. I’m already getting compliments on my eyelashes!”

— Christina H.

I can't even feel them.

“I've had lashes three times before at  another salon that were silk in clusters. you could feel those. 

This was my only comparison and lemme RAVE HOW AWESOME this service at Baire was: the lashes are so natural looking, they are lightweight, I can't even feel them.”

— Jenn G.