Start your day feeling confident and carefree! 

Our IPL Laser hair removal, eyebrow tinting and shaping, and natural lash extensions help you wake up feeling ready for the day.  Toss the razor and the mascara!  Feel beautiful from the moment you wake.  


IPL Laser Hair Removal - Safe & Effective

Baire Hair Removal Specialists (HRS) are the best in NYC.  They're experienced, have the most comprehensive training, and are passionate about getting rid of that hair for good.  Stop worrying about that hair everyday.  Wake up feeling confident and carefree, ready to join in whatever adventure may come along.  

Waxing - Soft & Hard wax

Because every person is different, our experienced estheticians will select the best approach for you.  We have both hard and soft (strip) wax available, to give the fastest and most comfortable wax experience.  Our team specializes in an awesome first-time wax experience and male Brazilian.  



Individual Mink Lashes - Lightweight & Natural looking

Make an impact upon waking.  Feel confident to leave the house without your make-up.  Our natural-looking lashes feel so comfortable, you'll forget that you're wearing them... until you see the look in their eyes.  They just can't keep theirs off of yours!