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Baire specializes in safe and effective hair removal treatments. Our team provides the most comfortable brazilian wax, the most beautiful threading, and the safest IPL laser hair removal.

Most clients start with a couple of areas, like Full Back & Shoulders or Brazilian & Underarms IPL laser hair removal. When they start seeing the amazing results, they start attacking other problem areas. Come in for your free Test Patch to get started today!

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Best Laser Hair Removal Companies in New York

Baire Hair Removal Specialists
503 West 51st Street
New York, NY 10019
(646) 462-3235
Options for hair removal NYC

We have a range of services and products for hair removal. We offer IPL laser hair removal, waxing, threading, and products for optimal results. Your Baire Hair Removal Specialist will derive your long-term hair removal strategy from the FREE Personalized Assesment.

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Each person is different and each area of the body has slightly different hair. Your Hair Removal Specialist will develop a treatment plan with the best products and hair removal services to enhance safe and effective results. Your treatments may include Eyebrow threading, Full legs waxing, and Brazilian IPL laser hair removal.

We’ll regularly check to confirm that we still feel that we’ve chosen the safest and most effective method for your skin and hair type. To ensure you're continuing to get the best hair removal services, we’ll perform a full review and document your hair removal progress mid-way through the treatment.

Your First Visit at Baire

You are going to love your first visit! We’re dedicating time to you and your hair removal goals to find the best treatments for each problem area. The visit may take 15-30 minutes, depending on your goals, and it’s Free! From the assessment, we’ll prepare a Personalized Treatment Plan, and if applicable, you’ll get a FREE IPL test patch in each problem area. Any Baire staff member can help you prepare for the first visit and answer your questions prior.

To begin, you'll complete a short questionnaire regarding your hair removal needs, hair and skin type, and medical history. Then, you’ll meet with a Baire Hair Removal Specialist that has undergone state training and licensing and extensive proprietary Baire training to best treat our clients. Our Specialists receive ongoing training and medical direction to stay abreast of the most advanced and safest hair removal procedures and products.

Your Personalized Treatment Plan will address each problem area. You may qualify for IPL laser hair removal in all your areas, or you may need waxing or threading for a few, specific areas.

VISIT PREPARATION (for Initial Assessment and any IPL session)

We need to see the hair to recommend best treatment: Grow it out to at least “double stubble” or 2mm.

Keep the body cool: No sun, hot showers, tight clothes, or exercise the day of your appointment.

Keep the skin clean and healthy: No tanning for 14 days prior or 3 days after visit. Avoid self-tanners. Clean, bare skin in the area(s) you want treated when you arrive.

Avoid medications that may be photosensitive: If possible, delay taking medications or ANY vitamins until you complete the Treatment Plan.

If you have been undergoing treatment elsewhere for more than a year with no results, please come in for a FREE assessment TODAY!

First NYC Hair Removal Appointment

Our convenient Midtown Manhattan location offers the best waxing in Hell’s Kitchen-Clinton Hill and the best IPL laser hair removal in New York City. We can help you toss the razor and find the best long-term solution to your facial hair, bikini area, chest, underarms, back hair and other unwanted hair areas. Baire Hair Removal Specialists provide professional, safe and affordable hair removal services, including IPL laser hair removal, waxing, threading eyebrows and hair removal products.

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